>“Mountain research” at Boulder Bookworks

“Mountain research” at Boulder Bookworks

My return to the United States in 1991 came about in part because a small Colorado publisher purchased rights to my first book. The key person who brought this about was their sales director, Alan Stark. I ended up living in Boulder with my kids for six months, my initial reentry into American culture after spending my twenties in England, and became friends with Alan and his wife Linda. That reentry experience laid some of the groundwork for Berkshire’s work today on global perspectives towards the U.S., and Alan’s the person who recommended The Great Good Place by Ray Oldenburg, who became an editorial board member for our Encyclopedia of Community.

I’d forgotten one important thing about the winter culture of Boulder until I saw this note about “Mountain research” on the website of Alan’s company, Boulder Bookworks::

SNOW DAYS AND MOUNTAIN RESEARCH: We can generally all make it into the office on heavy snow days. However, on Fridays with new powder in the mountains, one or more of us may not be available.

Given our new interest in rock climbing–and the kayaking and cycling books, too–the Berkshire Publishing team may have to start doing mountain research, too.

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