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Day 1, Frankfurt

I guess I’m coping well enough with all the travel, but last week I lost for several hours, my son’s birthday cake, baked early that morning to be packed and mailed to him at college, and yesterday I went to the wrong London airport for my flight to Frankfurt. Since place I was supposed to be at, City Airport, is on the other side of London (12 hours away, goes the story) I stayed at Heathrow and waited for another flight. This meant missing my rendezvous with Liz, who was flying in from the States, but we finally met up at our booth in the American Collective Stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

BPGbooth.jpgLate, yes, for the first day of the Fair. (But everyone says the first day is the most exhausting, so maybe this wasn’t such a bad concept.) We started decorating and had just managed to hang the Indian corn when our friends from Guangzhou came along with two Mid-Autumn festival hanging paper lanterns. You can see our New England decorations here and our Chinese ones, too. That’s Liz on the right, and Kenny Chen, marketing manager from the Guangdong People’s Publishing House, Ellen Wong, and next to me is Randy Marcinko, a friend from SIIA whom I saw only two weeks ago in Amsterdam at the Global Information Industry Summit. Randy is on the organizing committee, and there’s already a lively discussion underway about where to hold the meeting next year. I’m voting for Rome, but Vienna seems the most likely venue. I noticed that flights to Vienna go from Heathrow Terminal 4, where the US flights come in, and if I’d known that I might well have voted for Vienna–anything that reduces the risk of missing flights is welcome!

Liz and I are on the train from Bad Homburg, where the American Collective books hotel rooms, to the Fair location, known as Frankfurt Messe. I have meetings every half hour right through the day, and we’ll be distributing more invitations to the Guangdong-Berkshire contract signing ceremony tomorrow. Do come along! (or come back here for plenty of photos). Invitation with details: http://www.berkshirepublishing.com/assets_news/ecards/frankfurtinvite.html. Our booth is in Hall 8, S-930, btw. Tonight’s the Chinese Publishing Delegation’s party at the Marriott, which in Frankfurt is the grand central hotel.

Last night Liz and I were about to sip our first German beer when she suggested we call Tom who turned 21 yesterday. We got him on the phone and she sang “Happy Birtday” to him in Chinese. (They are Berkshire Publishing’s Chinese speakers, you see, a special bond.)

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