>Me and who??

Me and who??

I guess this should be “Who and I??” or “Me and whom??” But I’m too jetlagged to figure out the correct syntax for a question that is really a quiet shriek of dismay. How on earth could my little blog be listed as a model with Jonathan Schwartz’s? And by Debbie Weil, no less, who’s just got a book out on the subject? Schwartz is CEO of, get this, Sun Microsystems. I am CEO of a small–hey, tiny–publishing company that, yes, has grand global efforts underway, but is a speck on the corporate radar.

I just arrived in Amsterdam, did my yoga routine and even practiced my headstand (I’m getting there), and only then logged on to check e-mail. I desperately need a good long nap before the conference I’m here for–and here to speak at tomorrow–begins because I returned home from China at 3am Sunday morning, had two days in Massachusetts, and flew here last night. My body clock is spinning wildly. But now I know why a journalist in the Silicon Valley called me yesterday as I was en route to Logan to interview me about my blog.

More shortly! Lots to report about final days in China, what’s going on at our office in Great Barrington, and then about the first Global Information Industry Summit.

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