>Our new partnership with Guangdong People’s Publishing House

Our new partnership with Guangdong People’s Publishing House


was a whirlwind of activity. From the airport, we went to Mr. Jin’s house for supper, and after the first good night’s sleep I’d had in a week, Ellen came to the hotel for our “morning breakfast,” detailed in my last post, and we visited a huge book center before going to her office, the Guangdong People’s Publishing House, where there was a meeting about the plans for publicizing the launch of our first partnership.Karen&Ellen.JPG

This is quite a big launch, in fact, of six books now and another six books over the next six years. The company is planning a reception at the Frankfurt Book Fair and a formal contract signing, and that’s only a month away, so we all have much to do! (That’s why I’m going to devote quite a bit of my time in

to work, though I have some fun planned, too, including a visit to the
and the

Chinese Sex Culture

, and I can spend some time in the Old Jazz Bar here in the Peace Hotel.)

Guangzhoulunch.JPGAbove is a photo of Ellen and me in her office, and a photo from the second festive lunch I had with other members of the company. As you can see, we were having a good time, with everyone teaching me a little more about Chinese food and culture. My new food of that meal came in a dish of boiled meats, the same collection of offal we’d had in porridge for breakfast. Ellen gave me a piece and told me after I’d eaten it-slightly soft, tender-that it was lung. Good for my lungs, too, she said. And that’s not a bad thing: Sharksfins.JPGChinese cities are indeed polluted, though I’m feeling fine. A friend who was at the BIBF wrote that he got home with “


lung.” I’ll have to find out what that is-but at least I’ve had a prophylactic!

At right, take a look at the sharks’ fins on display at the restaurant. (I don’t like the photo of me, but can’t resist showing you the fins.)

Ellen also took me sightseeing, shopping, and for dinner on a

Pearl River
cruise. The highlight of the evening, though, was going to a massage establishment, where there were dozens of uniformed staff. We had an hour’s foot massage and then another hour’s body massage. Since I’m still recovered from May’s sprained ankle, as well as jetlag, this was wonderfully helpful. I guess we need a Chinese office just to have regular massage and Chinese medicine treatment. The massage including Chinese herbs in a foot bath and an herbal drink, as well as a plate of watermelon slices, the standard dessert and snack here.

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