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Berkshire online in China

I leave for Beijing a week from Friday and am already in that state of mind where I’m counting down every hour, and a little panicky about all the things I need to do while I’m still here. What a great pleasure to see that we now have an online presence in China, thanks to our new representatives in Beijing: Berkshire公司简介. (If you can’t see the Chinese characters but just get little boxes, Chinese fonts have not been installed on your computer–we’re encouraging everyone to get the fonts installed, and have some guidelines we’ll be putting up at GuanxiOnline this week.)

This is just a version of our U.S. site at the moment, but over time we plan to have a variety of publications for Chinese readers only. The one I’ve been discussing this week is a version of the Cool Planet Guide , a new environmental book I’m writing. I have had two of my previous environmental titles books published in Chinese, the latest by a mainland company, but this time I want to develop a book with a Chinese co-author, and Jennifer Turner at the China Environment Forum in Washington has given me quite a few people to talk to about this in Beijing.

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