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Remembering Ed Beauchamp

It’s Sunday afternoon and I was folding clothes just now. Amongst the shirts and socks was a baggy white t-shirt that says, “A woman’s place is in the ring.” It reminded me, as always, of Ed Beauchamp, a long-time editor and contributor to Berkshire publications, who gave it to me and encouraged me to try boxing. Ed retired from the University of Hawaii a couple of years ago and then taught around the world as he traveled with his wife Nancy. (They made it to Great Barrington, too.) He and I always said we would have a chance to spar, but he died this week of cancer. I’ve written about him before, and will always cherish him as a friend and admire his amazing range of work and activities. His vitality and enthusiasm–for everything from boxing to education to movies–lit up many lives, I know. We’ll miss him very much.

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