>What the world thinks–from Aljazeera

What the world thinks–from Aljazeera

I have a deep affection for all “my” authors, the thousands of wonderful scholars and experts who write for our publications, but I have to admit to a certain partiality for our Norwegian contributors. You might guess that I am of Norwegian descent, and I do feel an affinity for Norway and other Scandinavian countries, even though I’ve not yet had the pleasure of visiting there. (And I should, I know. I have many friends there to visit.) One of our Norwegian authors, Dag Herbjørnsrud, just sent a link to an article he wrote for Aljazeera, taking me for the first time to that important and challenging source of world news and world opinion. This article, “Western Europe united against Bush” from Aljazeera.Net, comes from the 10 November 2004. It’s worth reading:

“No other country in the world is so keen as mine to see George Bush lose the coming presidential election. And where do I live? In Indonesia? In an Islamic country? No. I live in Oslo, Norway.

“Norway is a Nato-member country, a declared Christian nation in the far north of Europe. And yet, hardly any Muslim population that has been surveyed expresses such strongly negative views of Bush as mine. People in several Muslim countries generally have a more diverse and pragmatic view of the US than that of the Norwegians.”

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