>Who me, an adventurous woman?

Who me, an adventurous woman?

Sometimes it seems that Berkshire have made a specialty of disheartening topics, like terrorism and global perspectives on the United States. As a result, I’m thrilled to have signed a local author, Julie Harrell, to write three women’s sports books for us. These are uplifting titles, full of encouragement for every woman who wants to find her adventurous self, and with a strong environmental bent, too. You’ll be hearing much more about these titles in the months ahead, mostly from Jules who will have her own blog.

I clicked a link from Jules this morning and realized that this project is going to be thrilling in more ways than one. While she assures me that our first outing is going to be very easy, the Deerfield River has more whitewater than I’ve ever seen–let along paddling in. I’ll report after our Sunday adventure.

The books are about kayaking, rock climbing, and biking, so you can see what’s written on my fortune cookie.

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