>Leslie Burger, ALA’s new president, and a library we love

Leslie Burger, ALA’s new president, and a library we love

Princeton1.JPGWhen we began planning a book to celebrate America’s libraries, now called The Libraries We Love, I asked friends and colleagues to recommend people for an advisory board. Nancy Kranich, past president of the American Library Association agreed to join the board (in fact, she was a great inspiration for the book from the very beginning, because of her focus on libraries as the center of our communities and the heart of our democracy), and she recommended a number of wonderful people, who also accepted our invitation with enthusiasm. One was her friend Leslie Burger, newly elected as president of ALA. Leslie has just taken the reins, so to speak, after a year as president-elect, and I thought I would share these photos from Princeton Public Library, where I visited her last summer. (Read Leslie’s blog here.)

Princeton2.JPGHer theme as president is transformation, and I enjoyed talking to her about transformation and leadership. James MacGregor Burns, senior editor of our Encyclopedia of Leadership, is known for this concept and I find myself thinking of it often, in many contexts. If we could think of ourselves, in our personal and professional lives, as involved in transformation–as leaders or as followers–the world really would be a better place. Stay tuned: I’ll post an article on this subject later today.

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