>Guest editor for Against the Grain

Guest editor for Against the Grain

Katina Strauch, the clever and iconoclastic creator of both Against the Grain, a popular library journal, and the internationally renowned Charleston Conference (I know it’s renowned because people in Europe actually know about it–and go to it) has asked me to guest edit the December/January ALA Midwinter Issue of Against the Grain. I’m lining up writers who will be able to tell us about how global perspectives on knowledge creation and management are changing the world of publishing and librarianship.

Katina, by the way, strikes me as a natural blogger. She does a great column for ATG, packed with news and stories, and I can easily see that developing into something online.

Meanwhile, Tim Coates is amazing us–and the world–with his prolific, hilarious, and insightful blogging at the Good Library Blog. We set this up after I met Tim in London, and it’s simply astonishing how it’s taken off. We supplied the technology and the design, and Tim’s done the rest. While he’s enraged many in government, it seems to me that he’s making inroads in waking up the public and the library community to both threats and opportunities. This reminds me that the Chinese character for crisis combines the characters for threat (or danger) and opportunity. British libraries do face a crisis, but with the help of passionate library supporters like Tim, there is a wonderful opportunity for change.

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