>Find in a Library: Worldcat

Find in a Library: Worldcat

Here’s an amazing thing I just discovered (forgive me for being behind the times): I can easily see libraries that have a copy of our titles through Worldcat. It doesn’t include school or public libraries, but even this must be very useful to people. Find in a Library: Berkshire encyclopedia of human-computer interaction

And I just discovered that after three tries and the most complicated human-computer interaction I’ve had to deal with, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction is finally showing up in Google Book Search–yes, with limited preview! We submitted print volumes; they were lost. We submitted PDFs; they vanished into ether. But third time lucky: we’re online with Google. It took over a year.

Looking at this particular reference work with these online tools makes me think that we need a word similar to onomatopoeia, to explain a situation in which the subject of the work is also part of its presentation, just as onomatopoeia means a relationship between the sound of a word and its sense. I’m learning Chinese (you can follow this struggle in the Guanxi Blog) and there are many similar things to learn about in that language especially in the written Chinese language (which I’m trying to learn only enough to write my name and read a few basic street signs). What it’s really about is how we make connections between abstract and concrete things, a human dilemma in every language and culture.

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