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Synchronicity online

World historians talk about synchronism: the ways developments in different places or cultures sometimes harmonize, without a causal relationship. Jung explained sychronicity as the result of a collective unconsciousness, and maybe that’s so. All I know is that there are interesting convergences in life, and surprising connections that might also be explained as guanxi.

Meeting Griff Wigley, the Minnesotan who wrote about my blog recently, was like that. His work is focused on blogging and leadership and community, all great interests of mine, and very much topics that are part of human-computer interaction. I especially loved the fresh perspective he brings to blogging, which I had never recognized as a leadership tool, a way for leaders like the police chiefs he works with in the U.S. and the U.K. to communicate with a large, dispersed workforce.

And it turns out that he helped organize the Utne Reader’s 1990 Early Warnings conference, which I attended as the very first step as I began to consider returning to the States from London and where I made my first U.S. environmentalist friends–some of whom have remained very much part of my life and work.

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