>A symphony of blogs

A symphony of blogs

English has an amazing variety of collective nouns and many specific usages, including a sleuth of bears and a murder of crows (though I sometimes wonder if the linguists are pulling our legs). I was gratified to receive an email from JL Needham, friend and adviser and now with Google in Europe, in which he referred to our “symphony of blogs.”

We are busy composing a wide variety of online projects–from popular culture databases to the LoveUSHateUS website with comments from around the world–and we do intend them to create a harmonious whole that reflects our values and goals. I worry a bit about dissonance, because I’m all too aware of what Trevor calls the “backend” challenges–all the stuff going on behind the curtain. How lovely to have it appear a symphony! We’re inspired by that, and the air was filled with musical metaphors this morning: resonance, striking a chord, tuning up. And we can go further: quartets, sonatas, and variations may all come into the mix as we create more ways to draw our colleagues and customers into the process of publishing.

In bloom in Great Barrington: astilbe, lady’s mantle, and the first roses.

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