>Pizza after work and “An Inconvenient Truth”

Pizza after work and “An Inconvenient Truth”

We have strange ideas about fun. Pizza after work, sure. Anybody would understand that. But going to see “An Inconvenient Truth,” the new film about global warming? Not sure everyone would consider that a fun thing to do together. But at Berkshire Publishing, that was Monday night.

It was Tom (senior executive intern Tom, as he likes to put it) who suggested we all go: “Heya gang, From what I gathered last Friday the best time for us all to go see and ridicule Al Gore’s propaganda is today, after quittin’ time. Karen has ok’ed a few pizzas to tide us over until the playing time at 6:30. We’ve hired a coach bus (with AC!) to run us over to the triplex, so it’ll be running outside starting at around three-ish and we can all go pile in whenever we want.”

Not to say that the team here isn’t already green. They add their fruit peels and tea bags to the compost crock in the kitchen. They recycle. Cassie’s an organic gardener, and almost everyone else is tuned in to politics and global issues. (Not everyone–but, hey, I mention no names.) But seeing the numbers on global warming and watching film clips of the ice on Greenland and Antarctica breaking up is a different story. (Not to mention the awful computer animation of a polar bear searching for an ice flow.) Fortunately, the bleaker the outlook, the faster David cracks jokes.

The film is a strange but rather charming blend of college political science lecture and soft-focus campaign background story, and I was reminded of what a serious environmentalist Al Gore was back in 1992, when he became Bill Clinton’s running back, and how thrilled I’d been. What’s on my mind, though, after watching “An Inconvenient Truth” is how much work there is ahead, and how important our new sustainability project is. This was to be a four-volume encyclopedia, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, but it’s quickly morphing into eight volumes plus professional handbooks, and a project website that will have sections open to the public right from the beginning. Not to mention my own in-progress book, the Cool Planet Guide. More on all these projects anon, and I’ll report tomorrow on what people thought of the film (and whether the A/C has been turned down).

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