>Quoted in the New Yorker

Quoted in the New Yorker

I hadn’t read the article I mentioned earlier today, saving it to read at home tonight (I’ve got a job here, and it’s over 7000 words). So my sister-in-law got to call and tell me that I was quoted in it. Not by name–but then they don’t name the Guardian either! (Marcy points out that we always cite our sources.)

Stephen Joyce is hardly the first executor of a literary estate to resist the agenda of scholars. T. S. Eliot’s widow, Valerie, has opposed all biographies of her husband in the forty years since his death, and has withheld the balance of his letters—a first volume appeared in 1988—for almost two decades. A former assistant, writing in an English newspaper last year, recalled Valerie’s distaste for members of the “Ph.D. industry” and her “dry, formal, excessively polite notes giving them the least help possible.”

The New Yorker: Fact

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