>Print-on-demand is not publishing

Print-on-demand is not publishing

While it’s always great to see references to local institutions in the national press, this article, “More Booksellers Turn to Publishing,” in Publishers Weekly worries me. Print-on-demand is not publishing! Publishers Weekly ought to draw a distinction between an independent bookshop’s allowing local would-be authors to produce bound copies of their work and the complex process of publishing new or even out-of-print works. Publishers–and librarians–provide an essential service in the selections, and improvements, they make. When I see the improvements our team of editors, copy editors, and proofreaders make in the work of established writers and experts (not to mention my own journalism, like the article I wrote this week about the College of Creative Studies), I am bowled over. Now we publishers need to figure out how best to show the vast increase in quality and usability these professionals are responsible for?

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