>Elected to the SIIA Content Division Board

Elected to the SIIA Content Division Board

Some people thought I had enough on my plate, but somehow the announcement of an election stirred me to write a campaign statement that started with the words on the sign above my desk, “It’s the content, stupid.” An allusion, of course, to Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign, and a reminder to me last year that it wasn’t technology that mattered but the content–the people and ideas that make publishing important. The result? (SIIA Content Division Announces New Board Members)

Click the link below to see my campaign statement.

There’s a piece of paper tacked above my desk saying, “It’s the content, stupid.” I am new to SIIA but have been closely involved throughout my career in issues facing the Content Division. I’m an author and journalist, a publisher, and an entrepreneur. I know the struggles of a self-financed start-up and have the global perspective of an organization focused on international content. I am passionate about creating knowledge and getting it to the people who need to know; I believe that publishers are a powerful force for good in our world, and a crucial part of today’s world wide web of communication.

I’ve been active in the Google Debate in the U.K. (arguing against unfair, unauthorized digitization) and I write popular environmental books–translated into French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai–and occasional magazine features as well as two blogs, the Berkshire Blog and the Armchair Environmentalist. These activities, as well as my work on China and with Chinese companies and individuals, would enable me to contribute new ideas–and occasionally to stir up debate.

I would be honored to serve as a member of the SIIA Content Board and would work to ensure that the organization strengthens our position as vital providers of information and to generate discussion about the quality of knowledge and the unique value publishers provide as part of the knowledge economy.

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Karen Christensen is the CEO of Berkshire Publishing.

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