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Mary Pope Osborne

No wonder I haven’t seen our neighbor Mary Pope Osborne around. According to Publishers Weekly, she’s on the second half of a spring book tour and in Greensboro, NC, “the store manage there says the buzz on the appearnance is so strong that they think it will be bigger than last summer’s Harry Potter event, which drwe more than 1200 kids.” But Mary has been a wonderful supporter of Berkshire’s Libraries We Love.

When I first wrote and asked her to join our advisory board, here’s what she replied, “I am so indebted to libraries–as I used one for a writing space for years before I could afford a real office. My first 6 or 7 books were written in the Bobst Library at NYU. Because I was a resident of Greenwich Village, I had community privileges. My “magical” character in the Magic Tree House series who makes all the adventues happen is Morgan le Fay–whom I designated as the librarian of Camelot. Jack and Annie, the main characters in the series, have to work hard to get their Master Librarian cards from her. Which is all to say I am, indeed, a great lover of libraries.”

Thanks, Mary, and I’m just sorry you’re missing the glorious Berkshire spring.

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