>Blackwell Publishing goes carbon neutral

Blackwell Publishing goes carbon neutral

Credit where credit is due! First, to Peter Saugman for letting me know about this, and then to Blackwell Publishing which has announced that it is going carbon neutral. This means that the company is committing itself to balancing the CO2 (carbon dioxide, the main ‘greenhouse gas’) it releases through driving, flying, heating, shipping, etc. with carbon dioxide absorbing actions including forest planting. Read the press release here. This is a tremendous step to take for any company, and it is especially important that major and highly successful corporations such as Blackwell set an example. Given that Blackwell is one of the world’s major scientific publishers, this is an important statement, too. I’ve heard that Nature is launching a separate journal on climate change, more evidence that the scientific community is clear that global warming is happening.

The World Land Trust provides a free carbon audit for companies (yes, I’ll be taking it!).

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