>World music with Lucy Durán

World music with Lucy Durán

A new highlight of my weekends is listening to Lucy Durán’s program “World Routes” on BBC Radio 3. I thought I’d missed it today–forgetting that Europe changed its clocks last weekend and we wait till tomorrow–but the BBC offers the most recent program as a separate option. How wonderful.

I met Lucy Durán when I was in London early in March. She’s an African music expert who teaches at the School of African and Oriental Studies, and my dear friends Mike Dibb and Cheli Durán thought we should meet after hearing about my interest in world music. What fascinating work she is doing, exploring and recording music that we might never know about without this kind of scholarship. And it connects with popular music, too, as world musicians begin to build a following outside their own regions.

Whether this exploration of music turns into a new publishing project or not, my world view is being expanded every week now, thanks to Lucy! If you haven’t explored streaming radio on the Internet yet, I encourage it. There’s some variation in the programs required by each radio station–iTunes or RealPlayer or QuickTime–but they are free and it’s worth half an hour’s fooling with settings to have access to a vast range of music and much more from around the world.

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