>Time to have a life, off-line

Time to have a life, off-line

I’d read something about Virtual Sticky Notes before, but just came across this post in a little morning browsing (I have marketing, and technology, on my mind). I love the fact that community–social networking–is such a conversation starter in the business world now, because of interactive media. But is this a dumb idea or what: having my phone alert me to virtual stickies posted by just anyone, anywhere and everywhere?

I brought up *time* at the wiki panel in New York and got nods from some in the audience. Who has time for all this interactivity? Life is too short. I don’t want to spend a spring afternoon at the computer reading blog comments; I want to be raking flower beds with my kids.

I want less distraction, not more, so I want the new technologies to help me find great stuff and avoid the junk (what’s junk to me may be treasure to someone else, but I don’t want my life, mind, or phone cluttered with it).

Same thing goes for information in the office, and as I plan an article on wikis I’ll be thinking about that, too. Please send me your ideas–I feel certain I’m not the only one who wants to turn off the computer to watch the robins and feel spring sunshine on my face this weekend!

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