I was just wandering, checking out a few friends’ blogs, and saw that Alex Pang too seems to be suffering from techno-overload (and if *Alex* can get overloaded, the world’s a really wild place today). This came after Skyping with Trevor about the website redesign and both of us checking the computers at the office because there’s some problem with the server (he, though, might be able to do something about it–I just whine). Meanwhile I’m listening to Beethoven on BBC Radio 3, online.

And this comes after a day of almost total absorption in Chinese topics. Ask me about the difference between renminbi and the yuan, the history of China-Russia relations, or Taiwanese government and I might actually be able to tell you something. That too was amazing online collaboration between Francesca, our senior copy editor, and me. I was finalizing the first issue of Guanxi, our new China newsletter launching next month, and there were dozens of small things to check and amend and query. Francesca and I were zipping questions and manuscripts back and forth, making decisions, writing introductions, and fine-tuning articles so they’ll all work together well (not something we worry about in creating encyclopedias, but this is a very different type of publication). Liz is away at a squash tournament now (go Liz!). She’s going to be amazed at the virtual volleying Francesca and I did in her absence.

Time now to shut down the computer, pick up a book, and stroke a cat.

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