>Blogging about Blogs, and other HCI Wonders

Blogging about Blogs, and other HCI Wonders

When I was working on the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction in 2004, blogs still seemed like something intensely personal–the equivalent of publishing your diary for all the world to see. And even though blogs are certainly still used that way (see NPR story about bloggers in China who love talking about themselves), blogs are now the niftiest tool to get out a message, whether you’re NBC, a school librarian, or a think tank.

As we begin work on the Berkshire Encyclopedia of the 21st Century, I find myself turning daily to the blog of the Institute for the Future, which has one fascinating HCI-related link after another. My current favorites: a story at New Scientist about Wi-Fi drinking glasses that allow long-distance companions to “clink” together (with some much more significant potential uses) and Accelerated Democracy, a project about the far frontiers of digital democracy.

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