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Slightly Foxed

Every once in a while something comes along that reminds me how much I love books. My last copy of the Literary Review came with a flyer about a new and apparently beautifully produced journal about books that are available but not well-known. It’s called Slightly Foxed, which I understand to be a collector’s term for books that are a bit worn. I haven’t seen the sample yet, but I had such a lovely personal note when I ordered it (the woman who wrote had noticed that I lived in the U.S. but was having it sent to a London address, so advised me to pack warm clothes) that I feel sure it is going to be wonderful. I have electronic publishing so much on my mind these days that I need these reminders that books themselves are also an important medium, and one to be cherished and promoted.

In fact, our popular culture databases are a good way to collect and share lists of favorite books related to certain subjects, and it’s good to realize that as we develop them online we’ll be encouraging offline reading for pleasure.

And London is cold–but nothing compared to Massachusetts.

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