>Rituals of the road, squash at Grand Central Station

Rituals of the road, squash at Grand Central Station

En route to London for three days business (and fun) before the business of the London Book Fair. It’s a long trip to JFK but I prefer it to Boston because I can take a train–much more relaxing than driving. Rachel, my daughter, is traveling with me, and that’s a help because I’m carrying encyclopedias for display at one of our representative’s stand (Cranbury International, F760, in case you’re around!).

In a refreshing change from curling, there was a crowd at Grand Central Station watching a squash match. I don’t know if it’s squash season or what, but I’ll ask Liz, who has herself qualified for a big competition in New Haven later this month. We have quite a women’s sports crew at the office these days: Jenn plays Ultimate (frisbee), indoors in the winter and on the field in summer, Liz plays squash and is now promoting curling, and Carrie surprised me by her enthusiasm about boxing.

Here at JFK I was reminded of our faith projects when the jolly woman at the baggage area explained to someone that it is Ash Wednesday and that’s why she had a gray smear on her forehead. I’d never seen that before. But we had our own Berkshire Publishing religious ritual: pancakes with lemon and sugar last night, for Shrove or Pancake Tuesday.

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