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Streaming radio for dummy

I’m feeling dumb. In a midwinter craving for music, I first discovered the wonders (and dangers) of buying via iTunes. Then–quite a few downloads later, with today being, somehow, a Sunday for both Vivaldi and Springsteen–I remembered hearing about something called radio.

I forget about radio, because we live in the mountains and reception is bad. Every once in a while we talk about trying new antennae, but there isn’t all that much worth listening to within range. Now, without a whole lot of trouble (just a little work to get the right players installed and working with Mozilla), I am now listening live to BBC Radio 3, and I have a selection of U.S. classical stations to sample, too. Hurrah for the Internet!

One thought on “Streaming radio for dummy

  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I’m here in the Berkshires, too. Same as you – I love radio, and aside from WAMC there just aren’t a lot of good stations around, so I listen online.

    I’ve made somewhat of a hobby of finding interesting stations streaming over the internet. I’ve complied them for my own use, and in the hope that someone out there would also find it fun to browse streams and see what’s on in places like NYC, Long Beach and Hilversam.

    In case you’re interested, the link is

    Now that I’ve found your site, I’ll read it regularly. It’s great to see what other people are doing in the Berkshires; and I’m glad we are making a place for ourselves on the web.

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