>Mao & me?

Mao & me?

The collegiality and friendship of our authors is the heart of the work we do, and all of us relish our contacts with people all over the world. They make us laugh, teach us words in their languages, and encourage us in our new efforts. The response we’re getting to our new China efforts is especially important; the attention we’re paying to the cultural context and social implications of globalization, and the fact that we are going to present the Chinese perspective, is being validated across the board, by all kinds of people, western and Chinese. But it’s a challenge, creating new types of publications, and I’m up to my ears. I apologized to one wonderful author for being slow to let him know about something. He wrote back, “With you in charge, I am at ease, as Chairman Mao used to have it about Hua Guo Feng.”

It’s been a beautiful balmy week in Great Barrington, and everyone’s seemed brighter. When I was a kid in California I didn’t understand the comments I’d hear about, “missing the seasons,” because California has seasons, too. But living in a cold climate really is different. There a sense of relief when you realize spring isn’t so far away, and even here–in New England–people may smile on the street. But we’re aware, too, that winter’s coming back: it isn’t truly springtime here till April, maybe even May. In the office there’s a flurry of activity as Carrie and Rachel organize all the library submissions that have come in over the last few days of the nomination process. We’ll shortly post information about what’s happening next, and we’ll be announcing the winning entries at PLA in March.

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