>A place to call home

A place to call home

Back to the theme of homelessness. There was a time when I, a young single mother, worried about becoming homeless. Now, I find myself in the odd position of not only having a home—-that physical shelter-—but of having different places on earth that feel like home. This week I’ve been in Santa Barbara, where I went to college, and today I’ve been in Palo Alto, where I lived as a teenager. And I’m blogging from Cupertino, from a Starbucks on a corner facing a huge apartment complex where I remember there being a grain elevator and orchards when I first came to California from Minnesota at age 10. There’s definitely some Californian in me–one reason, I think, Carrie and I connect! (She moved from California to Minnesota at 10; I tell her I got the better exchange.) Shelter comes first, of course. But a sense of home, of connection and community, is also a vital human need. We’ll be exploring this in some of our future publications, as we did in the Encyclopedia of Community.

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