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I love the chance to write about things that catch my eye, without worrying about how they fit into a book, but the point of this blog is really to give our friends, colleagues (many of whom are friends, too), and customers (ditto) a look at what’s going on at 314 Main Street, Great Barrington. Those goings-on produce a range of publications that is going to expand a great deal in 2006, and are the work of an on- and off-site team of people who are clever, creative, and remarkably varied–people I’d like you to meet.

With an introduction to them and their work at Berkshire as our goal, the Berkshire Blog is about to become a group effort. You’ll be hearing from David Levinson, Marcy Ross, Carrie Owens, and others–and within a few days I’m even hoping to have a group photo to post. The potential for dialogue is important to us and as part of this change we’re working on some new ways to engage more with the people who visit our site–without, we hope, the annoyance of pointless posts and spammer-comments.

I’ll be shifting most of my blogging to a site where I can share ideas from my current book projects (one on community building and the other on global warming).

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Karen Christensen is the CEO of Berkshire Publishing.

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