>Jury service questionnaire

Jury service questionnaire

As I mentioned, we were treated well at the Pittsfield, MA, court today. The judge even came down to thank us before we were dismissed at 3pm (“I could have done without the thank you,” said a few people near me, but we were all surprisingly chummy at the end and no one minded waited a few more minutes). He told us that the defendant in the trial we’d been held for had “looked more closely at his options” over lunch because we were there waiting, willing to deliberate on his case.

He pleaded guilty, and we got to go home.

Courts are making an effort to make us feel good about serving (and, think about it, don’t you want the assurance that you would have a sincere and willing jury if you were ever in court?). But this effort, Community Outreach Survey, strikes me as odd: anyone can answer the question. Courts need a little more IT security!

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