>Civic duty

Civic duty

Sounds good, doesn’t it, “civic duty”? Almost the only time one ever hears the word duty in modern discourse, or so it seems to me, is when we talk about jury duty. And you’d think I would be glad to serve society in this way, with all my talk about community. I’m sorry to report that I am a horrendously impatient jury prospect: I feel like a caged tiger, waiting in a basement room all morning and finally being released for lunch without having done a thing. (Well, actually, I did do a lot of work.)

It’s time to report back, and we’re supposedly going to go up to the superior court for selection at 2pm. The thing I’ll give them credit for, at Pittsfield District Court, is superior customer relations. The superior court judge came down to thank us for our services and explain why we would be held till the afternoon. He was a short, round man, not my idea of a judge, but he was gracious and articulate and really quite nice. I’ll probably feel better about this in retrospect than I do right now, when I wish I were at the office taking care of all the things that need to be done before we set off for California and San Antonio next week.

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