>We’re really going to learn Chinese

We’re really going to learn Chinese

Tom taught me a little Chinese today. This is a huge breakthrough, because when I came back from China in 2002 and said I needed to learn a little of the language, he told me I was too old. “You have to be a teenager or younger,” he said. But now we’re all talking about China. I learned to say that I am a business person (in fact, a “worker”), Wo shi gong ren.

A Chinese-speaking editorial assistant starts tomorrow so while Tom is home from school we have two Chinese speakers on staff. I was especially thrilled to have Cassie and Jenn, two of our EAs, say that they too want to learn Chinese. Not only will we have Beijing Olympics posters in the hallway to our offices, but it won’t be long till there are Chinese words (characters and pinyin) on cards stuck to our desks and printers and coffee cups.

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