>Hooray Henry!

Hooray Henry!

“Do you know who Henry Winkler is?” David asked a couple of weeks ago.

I was insulted. While my pop culture knowledge may be somewhat deficient (Carrie says I spent too much time in England drinking tea), I certainly recognize the Fonz, and even knew that Winkler, Yale Drama School alum, is a great fan of libraries.

Well, the final mail of 2005 brought a letter from Winkler, in response to our invitation to join the advisory board for the Libraries We Love project. He has written a charming library memory for the book, which concludes, “The library is a living place–you have to visit it,use it, enjoy it to keep it healthy.” Then, by hand, “Read your heart out! Henry Winkler.”

What we’re finding is that people do love libraries, that libraries fill an role in our lives that nothing else can fill.

Speaking of popular culture, Tom got us to watch the new scifi show “Battlestar Galactica” this afternoon. Machines taking over and fighting the humans is an old theme in science fiction, but this show also has religious elements. The scene that startled me took place in the captain’s quarters: there were old books stacked everywhere! I suppose they’ll turn out to contain vital religious truths. There’s lots of sex, too, and female warriors, so definitely a mixed bag.

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