>Celebrating with Australian style

Celebrating with Australian style

Mark Danderson was one of our first advisory board members, and he gets credit for our most popular office tradition. Now you might think the fitness activities would be most popular, but somehow Friday afternoon wine and cheese still has the lead.

Mark worked for most of his career at the New England Journal of Medicine and we met at the Charleston Conference a couple of years ago. His marketing advice was invaluable in our transition to independent publishing, but it was his mentioning, on a weekend visit somewhere out on the Appalachian Trail, that the company he’d worked for in Australia used to have cheese and wine every week. Team building and all that, and very Australian casual. I said, “I wonder how our staff would feel about that?” Mark looked at me like I was mad, and said why didn’t I try it.

We did try it, and the concept works especially well because there’s a cheese shop just two blocks down Main Street–expensive, but with an astonishing array of great European cheeses–so we can sample in style.

Yesterday, Tom thought we should have champagne, or at least some good sparkling wine. A good way to end a tumultuous 2005, our year of transition, and to look to 2006, the year that will bring transformation.

Mark Danderson, by the way, is back in Australia, now as a partner in Medicine Today.

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