>Recruiting in the country

Recruiting in the country

Carrie Owens and I were in New York last week, right after I got back from Rome and London, for the American Book Producers Association (ABPA) holiday lunch. It was fun going to New York with Carrie because she’s from California–as I am, in a way–and is just so thrilled by the city. And the ABPA is a great organization to be part of as we launch a program of popular titles.

It struck me afresh that New Yorkers can’t really imagine what it’s like to run a business in a country town. Publishing in Great Barrington looks, I admit, picture-perfect and I can’t count the times people have said how easy it must be to recruit here: “Everyone wants to move to the Berkshires!” But the population of the entire county is only 140,000; that’s a tiny pool to recruit from, but because this is a tourist and secondhand area there are few businesses like ours, which makes it a tough step for anyone to relocate here (not to mention, and in fairness I have to, that we don’t pay city salaries!).

That’s one reason I’m working hard to build our business in some new areas: to inspire other companies to move here and grow with us. We’d welcome other media and intellectual property businesses and I’m always glad to talk to anyone curious about business development in the southern Berkshires.

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