>Water, not wi-fi

Water, not wi-fi

Online companies, and maybe the rest of us high-tech types, are starting to sound like Marie Antoinette, the queen of France who was beheaded. “Let them eat cake,” she reputedly said, when told that the poor were rioting because they had no bread.

“Let them go online,” say Google and Amazon and Microsoft and a host of other companies, and countries.

In Peru, farmers have been protesting the launch of a new wi-fi service, funded by a mining company in exchange for much sought after rights to the copper in the southern Andes. “We’re peasants, many of us cannot read or write … we don’t believe the Internt will help us as much as an irrigation channel will.” Give us irrigation

People are rioting in Argentina and France and Iraq, so the conflict strikes me as important and global. More on this, and the new Amazon scanning plans, shortly. I’m in Florida in the midst of a family wedding. Blogging is not considered a legitimate reason for escaping the demands of the occasion, I’m afraid. (Yes, it does sound like I am a member of the technorati crowd I’m complaining about.)

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