>Email signatures as a sign of the times

Email signatures as a sign of the times

HCI (human-computer interaction) is a subject that engrosses us, and one that never fails to throw up new ways to look at our times. I’ve been doing a lot of online research this week (doesn’t “research” sound better than “surfing”?) and came across this collection of people’s email signatures. I’d never thought about email signatures–especially the kind that only work in plain text messages, where characters are used to make shapes and pictures–as a form of self-expression, but they are, and they’re really quite interesting . . . and something new because of computers.

Here’s one:

I miss many posts so please e-mail if you want me to answer.
B’tsedek tishpot amitecho. Lev 19:15 via Mishna Avos
You shall judge your neighbor favourably.

I think my all-time favorite was the one that said, “I don’t answer email any more.”

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