>London buses forever

London buses forever

I had a tearful moment the other night, stepping off the 38 bus at the bottom of John Street and realizing that that would probably be the last time I rode on a Routemaster. They are being replaced with “bendy buses” and London won’t be quite the same when they are gone.

But I’ve just discovered, planning for a couple meetings tomorrow before heading to Heathrow, a wonderful publishing project. Mike Harris has not only created the only full-scale bus maps of today’s London bus routes, but is creating historical maps, too, all in the style of London bus maps of the late ’70s (which is why they look familiar: I had my first summer job here in 1979).

He writes that The Greater London Bus Map “is now the only map showing the entire London bus network as London Buses no longer produces its own all-London bus map.” And sales of the print version are generating thousands of pounds in donations to mostly health-related charities. What a fabulous project, and a godsend when it comes to a few Christmas presents, too!

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