>>First meeting with Guangdong People’s Publishing House

First meeting with Guangdong People’s Publishing House

I am writing this at the Frankfurt West train station and will post it when I get back to the hotel, in Bad Homburg. Iv’e just come from the Chinese Publishing Delegation party at the Marriott Hotel. I mentioned in my last newsletter that visiting the Chinese publishers was one of the key things I planned to do at Frankfurt, and I was delighted to find a little time for that this afternoon. My new friends at the Guangdong People’s Publishing House kindly invited me to come to the party. I have promised to visit them in Guangzhou next spring to discuss possible collaboration. This will be great news for Tom: I explained that my son speaks Chinese and will come with me, so we will try to arrange the trip for his spring break. A visit to China will be quite a change for him from the cornfields of Iowa, and I wonder how the next three years are going to be, as he moves from small town college life in the Midwest to work in China, and back again.

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