>Background to terrorism and why context matters

Background to terrorism and why context matters

When you’re a CEO, even of a small company like Berkshire, there is an expectation that you’ll be staid and well-behaved. It’s probably not obvious from any of our printed material that we actually share, here in the office, a rather wicked sense of humor. And some people think the point of reference is that it is objective. I agree, to a considerable extent, but what I think is most important is that an encyclopedia article explains fairly the different opinions that exist on a subject, and that it recognizes that even on what might seem old-hat topics–the Plague, for example–there are sometimes raging controversies. (Not to mention bee-in-the-bonnet experts. Some of these are self-appointed experts, but there are some manic characters with endowed chairs at major universities, as well.)

Our next publication is so astonishingly full of facts and statistics, which makes it both of great value but also a bit overwhelming to the ordinary person, like me, who doesn’t know much about terrorism. For that reason, David asked me to write Publisher’s Preface to Patterns of Global Terrorism, explaining why this work is so important and why we are so proud to be publishing these reports from the U.S. Department of State. Click the link above for a preview.

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