>A sock for every sport

A sock for every sport

Ed Beauchamp, of the University of Hawaii, and I became friends when he was writing for the International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports on boxing. He then became our Japan editor for the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia, working with June Kim. A scholar with many interests and a lively curiosity about the world, he’s became a great favorite at Berkshire Publishing, and even got me to take up boxing a couple years ago. (He also sent me a tshirt that says “A woman’s place is in the ring,” which I love wearing to yoga class.)

Ed also joined the editorial board for the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport, and we shared a laugh this week over the sportswear industry. I was buying socks at a little shop on Main Street and discovered that there are boxing socks, golf socks, tennis socks, running socks, and more. What does this say about our world?

Here’s just one line from the *Starred Review* in this month’s Booklist magazine: “Many of the contributors are well known in their field and are often athletes themselves. Entries . . . are followed by impressive and detailed lists of further reading (often a dozen or more sources, including scholarly journal articles).” And, “It is a fine addition to any library at the high-school level or above.”–thanks to people like Ed Beauchamp.

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