>A test of global perspectives

A test of global perspectives

Read this sentence from a recent issue of the New York Times Book Review:

“The challenge of our lifetime is a religious totalitarian death cult.”

The book being reviewed was 100 People Who Are Screwing Up American (And Al Franken Is #37), and I’d gathered that the reviewer wasn’t a screaming liberal. But I was puzzled when I read the sentence. Did he mean Islam, or the Christian fundamentalists in the US government?

I read it to David, without context I must admit, and he immediately thought of the US millenarian fundamentalists.

But the author meant extreme Islam, as I realized on rereading the paragraph and upon seeing that he, Richad Brookhiser, is a senior editor of the National Review.

Hm, “a religious totalitarian death cult.” That definition, like many others, is a matter of perspective.

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