>Running from robots

Running from robots

I’ve just started working on the next issue of the Berkshire Savant, the theme of which is going to be the upsides and downsides of technology (hm, wonder what inspired that? publishing perhaps?). Serendipity: I was eating a sandwich and leafing through the pile of catalogues that we use to prop up the projector, and found a Bloomsbury catalog with the cover featuring How to Survive a Robot Uprising.

There is also in print a humorous book about how to survive a zombie attack, according to my son. But I told Tom that there’s a big difference: the robot threat might be for real.

I remember when Tom was entering scifi books into our database of popular culture related to human-computer interaction. “I hope you have an article on fear in this encyclopedia,” he said, “that’s what most of these books are about.” As I indulge in my geek merit badge–for having mapped our FTP site to a new project management system–I am thinking quite seriously about why and when we should worry about technology. The technology people don’t want to talk about that, unfortunately, and there are some crazy people in the antitech camp, so it’s going to be some work to get the balanced coverage we need.

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