>National, and international, preparedness

National, and international, preparedness

Here’s some thought-provoking news from Anna Sabasteanski, editor of the forthcoming Patterns of Global Terrorism (Berkshire, September 2005), from her Terrorismcentral.com newsletter:

The US National Preparedness Month launched on 1 September.

A report commissioned by the UN’s relief agency prior to Hurricane Katrina finds many limitations in worldwide preparedness for major disasters and the ability of governments, non-governmental agencies, and donor organizations to respond quickly. Gaps in “water and sanitation, shelter, camp management and in food aid, nutrition and livelihoods” are magnified when a crisis outstrips available capacity. Providing international examples that are reflected in the situation seen now in New Orleans, Darfur provides an example in which armed protection required “special and urgent attention” both for security and to “restore dignified conditions of human life”. In crises, a lead organization must take control and assistance must be based on need, not on external benchmarks. Disaster response, including central controls, must be adopted system-wide. The 112-page report is divided into four chapters that review benchmarks for accountability and performance, preparedness and response capacity, coordination, and financing.”

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