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Blogging 101

We’re hard at work on plans for a new model of digital reference called “The Human Web” and I’ve been thinking about all the ways we have available today to communicate–creating the 21st century human web. Right now, for example, I am sitting on the deck at my house, after a lovely supper of barbequed chicken and local corn and yellow squash, blogging wirelessly. (And wondering if I should go get a sweater: it has already started getting cold at night! And my tomatoes are barely beginning to ripen. That’s the Berkshires.)

When we published the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction last November (not so long ago, in publishing time), we saw the print publication as valuable and looked forward to online versions as well. There are two quite different versions available now–one through Xrefer and the other through Gale Virtual Reference Library–and they’re nicely done. But they don’t do what I can do on this blog, or in other media we’re working on. That is, to add content, comment on articles, and especially to address interesting questions about new technologies, like blogging. I have an interview to do this evening (if I don’t go and curl up on the couch under a thick blanket instead) with this question: “How has it [blogging] affected your business? Your personal life?” I’m not sure I should ask for David’s opinion, since he’s just had to deal with both Rachel and I being at the table on our laptops (she’s writing RPG instructions, not blogging). We did put them away to eat.

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