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Women and sports

A couple of years ago I ended up as senior editor of the International Encyclopedia of Women & Sports (Macmillan 2001), a surprising position for someone who read instead of ran as a child. I’m a pre-Title IX woman, no doubt about it, but from my late teens I have been drawn to sports, and I’ve participated in quite a few. But I know the difference between a real athlete and a wannabe jock like me! Yesterday one of our sports contributors, Becky Clark, came to visit. Becky and I met in Tennessee in April but this was her first chance to meet the Berkshire team (which she is very much an honorary member of).

She and Marcy and Margaux have been emailing a lot over the past few months, so they had a special first meeting and we had a good time talking about a book called 25 Sports for Every Woman we’re going to produce. We already have a good representative spread of women from different backgrounds and sports experience, and a 25-year age span between us, too.

One way the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport is different from our 1996 encyclopedia of sports is in its extensive coverage of women’s sports, and the subject of women and sport is one that’s still very much on our minds. (Margaux has started our training, too, with after-work Pilates ball workouts. She’s trained as a spinning instructor, but we haven’t yet figured how to manage that!)

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