>The week of the book

The week of the book

For all the focus on technology in publishing, what we are dealing with most of the time is books. Patterns of Global Terrorism is still front and center, and Brad Walrod has been working with our graphic designer Joe to ensure that the pages are beautifully laid out–aesthetically, and in terms of usabilility (books, too, need usability expertise).

For me, this has been the week of the book, with a number of meetings about a project on the book itself, and also several discussions with leading publishers–Victor Navasky, Jonathan Galassi–about creating a book festival here in the Great Barrington area. There’s much overlap between these endeavors, and also a strong connection with our focus on creative economic development here. It all comes back to community, in a way, the subject that is closest to my heart. While the Encyclopedia of Community is four volumes and 1.2 million words, I’m seeing more to this every day. (We did include an article on Book Clubs, and on Public Libraries of course.)

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