>In memory: Josie Hernandez de Leon

In memory: Josie Hernandez de Leon

It isn’t just libraries we love. We love the wonderful editors and contributors who share our dreams and visions. It was heartbreaking to hear this morning from Josie Hernandez de Leon’s husband Dave that she had passed away last night. It was a shock, even though she, and then he, had so regularly kept in touch. I’ve communicated about Josie today from Jun-hee Kim, our project editor for the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia who first recruited Josie. Jun-hee is now in Seoul, and Francesca Forrest now works from her home office, while Marcy Ross is still with us here in Great Barrington. They all have stories about how Josie was a key part of our Asia team, and how she stepped in to help with more than one editorial crisis. She was also working on our new Global Perspectives project. Given her expertise in international relations and security, we might well have tried to persuade her to help with our latest work on terrorism and global security. Josie was an assistant professor of political science at Laurentian University. We will miss her.

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