>The friends we love

The friends we love

I interviewed someone yesterday (we’re looking for a managing editor/operations manager) and was disconcerted to find tears welling in my eyes as I explained something about Berkshire Publishing. It was something I’ve said dozens of times before, that our small enterprise is all about people and ideas, and that it’s the people we work with who make what we do possible. I said, “Those networks, those relationships, are the most important thing”—-and felt the warm rush of tears! I’m pretty sure the person I was talking to didn’t notice, but I’ve been thinking about how deeply I feel that, and wondering how I can ensure that as we grow we maintain the human connections that make the work we do so rewarding.

This isn’t abstract, some generalized good will. It’s Becky Clark’s emailing Marcy, Margaux, and me a hilarious account of going to the emergency room, after being in a car accident, and having to explain that she is deaf and isn’t pregnant before she could finally get the treatment she needed. Becky says she’s still in touch with Ben Manning, an editorial assistant from England who left us in 2000! It’s seeing Bill McNeill, as we will this evening, and being inspired by his graciousness and insight, and talking about another project we might do together. It’s the world history teachers we’re getting to know, people like Monty Armstrong and Kik Kimball who are deeply committed to their work and their students, and amusing to boot. I could write about many publishing and librarian friends, too—-and I know we’ll be making many more of them over the next year, as we develop a US and then an international book about “The Libraries We Love.”

Those who know me may be surprised at this display of emotion, but that, too, is what blogs are for!

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