>London wins the bid!

London wins the bid!

We’ve been waiting eagerly for the IOC’s announcement of the location for the 2012 Olympics. New York would have been closer, and any opportunity to go to Paris is welcome, to have the next but one Olympics in London, which I think of as my home city (Great Barrington is my home town), is perfect. Especially since the 2008 Olympics will take place in Beijing, the other global city looming large on our horizon.

In fact, the hallway our offices are on are lined with Beijing Olympic posters, brought back in 2001. We were in Beijing during the bidding process and the entire city seemed to be plastered with gorgeous posters. Even the elevator at our modest hotel was lined with them. I told Shaoping, a Chinese friend, that I was planning to take a couple with me. She was horrified, and the next morning turned up with a whole roll of posters and pamphlets: she had travelled to the Chinese Olympic Committee’s office to get me a supply, to ensure that I didn’t get into trouble at the hotel!

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